Hello, my name is Dragan Danilovic. To cut a long story short, I’ll just say I was a teenager when my first drawing was published. And when I saw my first cartoon published, that’s something that is hard to forget. Before and after, a lot of paper was spent on practicing drawing. It was a passion that lasted from an early age and then spread to design and photography as well. Today, instead of paper, pen, and brushes, I use a Wacom Cintiq Pen Display to draw. For photos, Canon and Bowens. I’m trying to convey my passion for graphics through the screen and hope that people can feel it. As an artist with extensive market experience, I am open to working. For any questions, feel free to contact me.

  In my professional work so far, I have a large number of realized projects for numerous clients from various fields. I’m still obsessed with everything related to graphics. I spent many years working as an art and graphic editor in printing houses and magazines. That experience was valuable. I could follow the whole process, from prepress to the printing process itself. It is very exciting to see how drawing, design, or photo is transferred to the media that allow a large number of people to see your work. At the time of the Internet, the audience became much larger. And, that’s a story that still does not see the end.

Melissa Rosner, All Terrain Studios, Lakewood, United States:
Character Design:
“Extremely talented, creative, and dedicated to our project. We look forward to continuing working with Dragan!”
Nate B., Chicago, United States:
Mascot design:
“I can highly recommend Dragan for his exemplary illustration skills, his extremely professional working style, his clear & responsive communication, and his overall desire to satisfy his clients. At every opportunity, he went above and beyond my expectations. It was an absolute pleasure working with him.”
Ahmad Baden, London, United Kingdom:
Stamp Illustrations:
“Thank you, Dragan. Job completed to a proficient level. Highly recommended for freelancer digital drawing and similar projects.”
Daniel Turner, Simple History Ltd, London, United Kingdom:
Vehicles, characters, and buildings for cartoons:
“Thanks for the artwork, we are making great stuff.”